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Teddy Roosevelt presidential outline and evaluations for ap us history

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Theodore Roosevelt Presidential outline and evaluations

I. Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was born on October 27 1858, and died on January 6th 1919.
He was born in New York, New York.   He did not run for his first term but replaced McKinley as president since McKinley was assassinated.
He attended Harvard and graduated Phi Beta Kappa had careers and hobbies such as boxing, naturalist, explorer, hunter, author, historian, and soldier, Roosevelt was in office from September 14th 1901 to march 4th 1909. He had 2 political party’s the of which was before and during his presidency was the republican party, but he later forms the bull moose party in attempt the win against Taft in the 1912 election, but Woodrow Wilson won instead since the republican had split their votes.

II. In his first term he had no opponents, since the current was assassinated.   After McKinley was killed Roosevelt, who was vice President at the time, was now declared President.   In the next election, the election of 1904, Theodore Roosevelt took the election by storm.   He won 336 electoral votes while his opponent (Alton B. Parker) only won 140. Also Roosevelt had won 56.4% of the popular vote, Parker only won 37.6%.  

III. During President Roosevelt’s presidency his vice president was Charles W. Fairbanks.   Roosevelt also had several major cabinet members.   These include Elihu Root (Secretary of State), George B. Cortelyou (Secretary of Treasury), William Howard Taft (Secretary of War), Charles Joseph Bonaparte (Attorney General, and creator of the FBI), George von Lengerke Meyer (Postmaster General, Also Secretary of the Navy under Taft), Charles Joseph Bonaparte (Secretary of the Navy), Ethan Allen Hitchcock (Secretary of the Interior), James Wilson (Secretary of Agriculture), Oscar Straus (Secretary of Commerce and Labor, and first Jewish presidential cabinet member).

IV. President Roosevelt had many major domestic policies during his time as a president.   They include the...

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