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Teen Runaways Essay

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According to the National Runaway Switchboard, each year between 1.6 and 2.8 million teens run away from home (National Runaway Switchboard, 2008). Being a teenager can be unbearable at times. Often teenagers feel over whelmed with their daily life and just want to escape from their problems and stressors that are surrounding them. There are numerous reasons why millions of teens run away each year. The chances of them returning depend on the ramifications faced. There are also many places teens can go when they run away and this can affect society in a negative way.
The National Runaway Switchboard is an organization put together for teens planning to run away or who have ran away and need to get further information. It is also available for parents in need of help and information. Their national statistics state that the male and female ratio of youth runaways are equal, however girls are more apt to seek some form of help. Only seven percent of teen runaways are currently staying in homeless shelters in their area. Teenagers that are desperate will do almost anything to get what they need. Fourteen percent of teen runaways have used their body for sexual favors in return for food, money, drugs, or a warm place to stay at night. However, most teens do not have intentions of doing things of this nature when they run away. They do not think about the things they will need for survival. A poll was taken for the National Runaway Switchboard and the results showed that 32 percent of   youth runaways have tried to commit suicide at least once, 33.2 percent have reported being pregnant, and 50 percent have either tried to drop out of have been kicked out of school. The demographics show that 40 percent of youth in shelters and on the streets have come from families that received public assistance or lived in publicly assisted housing (National Runaway Switchboard, 2008).
Why do teens run away? According to the National Runaway Switchboard, 47 percent of runaways...

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