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television addiction Essay

  • Submitted by: babyboy15
  • on December 10, 2008
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Television Addiction
    The word addiction is often thrown around a lot in conversations. People constantly describe themselves as candy addicts or book addicts. Compared to the addictions of drugs and alcohol, the word addiction is used jokingly. People say that they are hooked on television is this a joke like cookie addiction, or can this really be a dangerous addiction.
    When you think addiction automatically you think drugs, alcohol and the negativity of them, but not the pleasures that come with it. A serious addiction is the pursuit of pleasure a high you can’t receive from normal life. An addict does not just pursue the pleasure of a high, but must constantly repeat it over and over again. The addict craves that high but is never satisfied when achieved.
    Serious addictions are distinguished from harmless pursuit of pleasure by its destructive elements. The constant craving causes you to miss work and blow off your responsibilities. Now, let’s think of television viewing compared to serious addictions.
    Just like drugs and alcohol, television allows the viewer to block out the real world and enter a pleasurable state. Also like drugs and alcohol addicts, television viewers think they have more control on how much television they watch when they actually do. Television Addicts feel they should be doing other things, but those others thing are not as desirable.
    Television should be considered a serious addiction because of the effects it has on lives. It causes the lost of track on time and can ruin relationships. Like most addictions it does not satisfy its viewers, why else would they continue watching. Television addicts just cannot stop watching.

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