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Temptations Encountred And Solved Essay

  • Submitted by: cgwhhrigg10
  • on September 11, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Every man has a woman, old has young, black has white and left has right. Its a pair and one cannot live without the other. What's the essence? Nothing! just want to emphasize that if man is basically good, there's a pair and that is being bad. Temptation is what I blame for having our dark side. It depend upon us if we became weak and let the temptation rule over us but indirectly temptation is the reason, without the latter, there's no chance for us to do bad. I may seem to be immature for having this thoughts inside my mind but I'm just being true.

    Temptations are everywhere, in the streets, in the beach and even in the moment of silence, it is present. It follows our every moves and no one can escape but we can overcome it in strongly facing it. Even the most powerful, Jesus Christ face a lot of temptations too. What is temptation by the way? "The desire to have or do something that you know you should avoid," as stated in the www.wordreference.com but if I were to define it, it is to test our strength and faith to God.

    There's a lot of temptation and I have encountered almost all the temptation in the world but the one that is really tattooed on my mind is when I am tempted by the evil spirit to kill myself for some reasons which I realize is nonsense . Like any other youth, I experience depression and I feel it killing myself gradually in anger and loneliness. I was at my mid-teen then when I became so emotional. I was persecuted by one of my relatives. I experienced the feeling of committing sins which I haven't done like being forced to puke food which I haven't eat. That phenomena really bothered me, kill me slowly and gradually pull down my self-esteem. I know that people judge us according to our past but the question is Don't we all have a chance to prove ourselves worthy of such trust? Don't we have the right to change? and Don't we have the right to be treated equally and not to be accused of the same sin as before?

    We do, but...

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