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terror Essay

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Bloodshed and terrorism are not new to India. The post-independence rioting that followed the British departure and the creation of Pakistan when it was carved out of a large Indian state - partitioned - in 1947, was one of the bloodiest the world has seen. Some half a million people lost their lives and a million became homeless. Partition created one of the largest population movement   in the history of the world where a million people crossed borders between India and Pakistan.Terrorists now seem to be sending a clear message: They can strike anytime, using homemade, low-intensity bombs that may not kill as many but are sure to cause damage, create fear and tension. Bombs are planted in different locations and are set off consecutively in crowded areas in rush hours using mobile devices. In the past, terrorist groups planned attacks that were higher in intensity and usually, after a high alert in the country was sounded, they lay low for a while before striking again. And while that was in no way a preferable situation, it now seems that the extremists are more bold and fearless than ever, not waiting for time, or being daunted by security systems, wanting to prove that they are invincible. In the case of the recent blasts, e-mails had been sent to media outlets just before the bombs went off warning about the attacks. And if those messages are to be believed, it seems there is more to come, with Delhi, the nation's capital, said to be the next target.

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