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Terrorism Essay

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The topic I chose for my final project is Terrorism. I decided to chose this topic, because many recent acts of violence that occur world wide are of terrorist attacks. Narrowing down my topic to this specific aspect was an easy decision. Looking at the daily news and hearing of such an attack has me think what kind of person will do such a thing. What is crossing this persons mind as they go into these buildings, planes or venues and attack innocent people and cause harm to themselves. Choosing a topic that I can relate to my field of study, which is Psychology, was very important to me.

My specific aspect of this topic that interested me the most is the motivation and behavior of a terrorist. What I want to understand is the “why”, why does a terrorist act in such a violent way. What or who is motivating the terrorist to react in a violent rage. Do terrorist have a choice of whether they want or not want to do a terrorist act. Many people of the world today categorize a terrorist to one specific religion, race, or gender, but a terrorist can be a person of any walk of life. Is there a sign or signs one will notice in a terrorist before he/she plan to attack? Can a terrorist be helped before they act out in violence? Through this research I plan to learn as much as I can about this topic, and to help me understand and answer the many question I have and many others in the world have as well.

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