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Texas Government Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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Roxanne Rodriguez
Professor Russell
Texas Politics
October 3, 2011
Exam Extra Credit
Two constitutions that can be compared and contrasted are the 1845 Texas Constitution and the 1876 Constitution. The constitution of 1845 is famously known for being the best state constitution of its time, while that of 1876 is the central base for what is now the current Texas Constitution. Although the 1845 Constitution has the reputation of being the best at the time, we still need to keep in mind that both were obviously good enough for the people of Texas to accept. After time, whether it was because of complaints or certain circumstances at the time, both were still updated to new ones.
The reasoning for the upcoming of the 1845 Constitution was due to it recently becoming the twenty-eighth state to join the United States, hence requiring a new state constitution.   According to Haag, Keith, Robison, and Gibson, “it was noted for its straightforward, simple form” (38). Now a days, Texas still operates under the 1876 constitution. Because of its tight restrictions, it has had to be amended many times and is considered to be one of the most disorganized and confusing of all state constitutions. Haag, Keith, Robison, and Gibson also stated that there were three reasons for the upcoming of this restrictive constitution: a reaction to the Reconstruction, the regime of Governor Davis, and the movement that called for political issues and restrictive constitutionalism (38).
One of the complaints about the 1876 Constitution was that with so many amendments it had become one of the longest constitutions in the United States. Many complain about the numbering of the articles being hard to follow because of its disorganization. Texas Politics and Government: Roots and Reform gives an example of this constitution being so poorly written that in the amendments it was meant for counties to have home rule authority. Due to the contradictions it brought up about the understanding,...

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