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Textile Milltown Essay

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"Textile Mill Towns and Immigrant Labors, 1840-1970"
In this paper I will be discussing poor labor rights during the past and in today's world, year of 2008 in America. I will refer to the page link of these two assignments as an evidence or prove of my discussions. Throughout history humans have faced many difficulties in their cultures to become liberal as we live today. I will examine some of these points in which humans have become more liberal and open minded. However, these points may seem like an ordinary basic freedom matters in our daily life; many did not have even these basic rights in the past.
Workers were not only working hard but they were not even receiving what they worked for. Wages were so low and no rights were there to protect them. Many would get paid for just as little as a meal a day, when they were getting used to work the whole day for just a meal. As sad as it sounds it still exists in our world today, but not as obvious as it used to. Many children still work in sweatshops for nothing, many immigrants are dying everyday of not being able to pull themselves out in a foreign country in which they have migrated to. Not only this people all around the world are still suffering from such problems not just in sweat shops but in many developed countries or even highly developed countries. So the third world countries are not the only group who still suffer from such extreme conditions but many even in high developed countries such as ours, America, may be working in sweatshops in Downtown Los Angeles or in big cities.
Unfortunately, immigrants are usually the first class victims of this threat. One might questions this by saying that many small minorities are the unfortunate sufferers as well, but I would say usually immigrants are the ones who would fall for such scams just so they can survive in a foreign country in which they have departed to. Although today humans face many cases regarding such matter, in the past we have seen much...

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