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texting friend or foe Essay

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Texting-Friend or Foe
Up until now, the sophistication of the technology has constantly brought convenience to humanity. Mobile phones are one of the great inventions that has helped improve communication since the past two decades. In many aspects, people are more dependent on their cell phones due to their multifunctional and entertaining properties. Above all the functions that a standard cell phone can nowadays provide, texting would be the top most indispensable feature. As an add on technological feature, mobile phone designers and engineers incorporated text functions to cell phones that users are allowed to send text messages to other devices. Since the time cell phones’ functions were no longer limited to making and receiving phone calls and voice mails, but also text messaging, they became more user-friendly and irresistible to users. Appeared as new technology, text messaging is gradually changing our dominant communication medium from voice-based into text-based. Everywhere, people are reading text messages on their cell phone screens or punching their cell phone keyboards with their fast shifting thumbs anywhere. People start to embrace this new technology. Yet, before texting can substitute other text-based communication methods, we need to consider its social influences, good and bad.
Texting plays a very prominent role in modern communication. There are many advantages about using text messages to communicate with others. Texting is silent. In circumstances that people were not allowed to talk, for instance, study area in libraries, it is much more convenient to send a text message when one needs to reach out. Second, texting keeps people connected. Texters, individuals who text, can chat with their text-mates through texting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of locations. When people alternately text with their text-mates, they create a private chat room analogous to a telephone conversation. Receivers can instantaneously start to...

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