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The 7 Deadly Sins Essay

  • Submitted by: horacee
  • on December 6, 2011
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Ebony Horace

ENG 231-00


      Research Review: “The Seven Deadly Sins” by Ed Friedlander, MD

Ed Friedlander, in the source “The Seven Deadly Sins,” believes that sin mostly means behavior that actually hurts other people for no good reason.   In his piece, Friedlander states each deadly sin as the following and also interprets his meaning of each: Pride (meaning ego-tripping), envy (meaning entitlement), wrath (meaning abuse, violence, racial/sectarian hatred), sloth (meaning whining), avarice (meaning greed/materialism), gluttony (meaning addiction), and lust. For each deadly sin Friedlander gives reasons of why someone would conform to the sin, whether it was due to the way the person was brought up as a child or just simply his/her environment in which he/she lives. For example, for the sin pride, Friedlander states, “There is no reason you should not enjoy your own genuine abilities and genuine achievements.   "Pride" is not a sin when it merely involves taking satisfaction in a job done well... But we make ourselves and others unhappy by demanding attention and recognition, or by not asking for help and guidance when we need it…Growing up, we may learn to be vain by the examples of those around us, or especially if our parents and friends seem to love us more if we achieve. It's a fact of life that being talented, good-looking, wealthy, and so forth will get us more attention and affection from those we have just met.” Friedlander’s cure for pride is being able to laugh at his self and not take him too seriously, because after all if you walk around with too much pride, no one is going to want to be around you, which is the punishment itself for having too much pride in the “real world.” This evidence suggests that the "punishment" for sin seems to be the sin itself, which Friedlander demonstrates in his example of pride.
Friedlander, Ed. “The Seven Deadly Sins.” Pathguy.
      December 5, 2011...

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