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The Article Report And Relationship Wit

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The article report and relationship with microbiology class

The fight against pathogenenic microorganisms to achieve a better life has been a continuous process. Rapid changes are seen as researches are embarking upon various forms of studies but there are certain discoveries that always seem greater. The New York Times published an article, which focus on the advancement in microbe genome sequencing technology. The article title "The new generation of microbe hunters" explored the challenges, the need, and future benefits of the new technology.
This publication provides a summary of some medic's perception and discussion of the current rapid infective process of microbes on human health in a neighboring city and their thoughts of what could be done if such occurrence is experienced in their own city. None knew what the situation was. The thought was just a need for rapid identification of the etiologic agents of such epidemics. The article denotes that though signs and symptoms are easier to classify as an infective process none of them at that period where able to have a definitive diagnosis of what the condition was because of lack of the required technology.
However, the new technology provides a profound method of identification via genome sequencing of a suspected microorganism. The initial sequencing technology that was said to be completed over a period of 13 months before can now be done in a day. All thanks to modern   advancement in genome sequencing. This publication also acknowledges the current research being conducted by researchers at the Stanford and the future projection of those fields where genome sequencing could be used and what it could be used to achieve in the nearest future.
The article provides the link of the effects of microbes to clinical and true-life situations. This provides an understanding and the relevance of notes that are being learnt from microbiology classes and experiments. It also shows the importance of identification...

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