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The Bad Gurl Essay

  • Submitted by: iuovcloc
  • on February 26, 2009
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Mathilde not only was she unhappy, but also nothing seemed to make her happy. Some may say you cannot always have everything in life you may choose to want. Even though things arent always what they appear to be. Why can’t people just be happy with what they do have? Why must one be so envious of another, because one night of happiness can hurt you for years to come? Moreover, diamonds arent always a girl’s best friend.

Mathilde always wanted to be the center of attention. Therefore, when she and her husband got the invitation to the ball she wanted a new gown so he gets her one. Even though she still was not happy with that, alone she thought she had to have jewelry to wear with it knowing they really could not afford it. He tried to make her happy, but she only wanted more. The night of the ball arrived she looked very beautiful everyone noticed asking who she was. Mathlide got everything she had dreamed of that very night only to end up paying years to come.

After the ball, Mathilde did not want seen wearing her cheap wraps her husband brought. She ran out of the ball in a hurry only to get home and to realize she had lost the necklace. Loisel went back to look for the necklace but nowhere to be found. They searched from jeweler to jeweler with no luck. Untill they finally ran upon a shop appearing to have what they thought was one just like what Mathlide had lost. However, without having to say, they paid the unfair price. They had to work very hard taking out loans, not even sure of how they were going to be able to pay all the money back. All of this was due to one night of happiness was it really worth it? To me it sure did not seem to have been.

Then after loosing the necklace their life just seems to be passing them by and for what? Just so, mathlide could have one night that she had always dreamed about. They both had to work very hard for years to come...

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