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The Beats And Marriage Essay

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Miller 1
Anna Miller
Dr. Chin
English 434
The Beat Poets
The Beats and Marriage

There are several various ways to describe the term “marriage”. There are lawful terms,
scriptural terms, and personal terms. The way we choose on which explanation is the right one
depends on where you live and what you believe. Marriage has changed throughout history. In
today’s society marriage in a way is what “we” are supposed to do. Sometimes, people get older
and fear being alone so they settle for someone they normally wouldn’t and get married.
Sometimes people marry for convenience, for example if they live together or if they have
children together. However, during the beat generation, marriage was something that many of the
beat poets did not have on their mind. This paper analyzes Greg Corso’s poem marriage and
explains how Kerouc’s famous novel “On the Road” can relate to it.
. Gregory Corso was a Beat Poet, a crowd that was crucial to American values in the
during the 1950's. The Beat Poets believed society to be cruel, making people live traditional
average lives. This was a period where socialists were banned, Blacks had practically no
privileges and women were restricted to roles of being a housewife and mother. The Beat Poets
believed marriage was just another tradition that kept people dutiful and respectful, living
innocent lives without asking questions.
Gregory Corso's poem "Marriage" is based on the way he feels with the idea of marriage
as a foundation. The poem marriage presents the poet's encounters between meeting the
Miller 2
requirements and undermining the total method. Nevertheless, his objectivethroughout the poem
isstern.   He is looking for somethingthat would bring him the joy and happiness that a normal
conventional marriage would not.Corso’s poem “Marriage” was first printed in 1959, it’s one of
his earliest works but it’s his most frequently reprinted poem.
“Marriage” is a long amusing...

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