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The Color Purple - Literary Essay

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  • on March 10, 2009
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Why do women need respect?

Women compose almost half of the world's population, yet, it is very apparent that for
many centuries they are being held neutral from contributing to societies and they are constantly
being victims of social injustice worldwide. Respect is an essential need for every human
being in order to be equally and fairly treated. Women such as: Celie and Sofia in the novel
"The Color Purple" struggle with oppression applied by men around them to overcome
discrimination and acquire the rights they deserve. Additionally when someone is not respected
they cannot get the rights they deserve. Respect develops when people recognize their own self-
worth and be able to fight for their selves. Ultimately respect allows individuals to promote
freedom and to build healthy relationships.

Some women in the novel "The Color Purple" are in a very distraught situation, and due
to their lack of self-esteem they are controlled by violent men who mistreat them. In the
beginning of the novel, Celie leads a life filled with abusiveness, intimidation and disrespect. She
is constantly being disrespected and even physically abused. As result of the women who
surround and help her, Celie becomes stronger and she realizes her self- worth and overcomes the
abuse she experienced. Celie has a potential towards knowledge and always tries to learn from
her sister Nettie. Also she loves school but because of being pregnant she is prevented. "The first
time I got big Pa took me out of school. He never care that I love it....You too dumb to keep
going to school, Pa say. Nettie the clever one in this bunch" (Walker 10- 11). Celie is being
victimized and as the result of being disrespected, she cannot stand up for herself to fight for her
rights and acquire what she deserves. Even though Nettie likes Mister and wants to marry him,
yet Celie's father unfairly makes Celie to marry him. "He pick up a rock and laid my head

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