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The Continuing Evolution Of Direct Marketing Essay

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The Continuing Evolution of Direct Marketing

  Mark Frenkel
MRKT 606 9040

I.   Introduction
At the onset of civilization to the present market place there has always been the need to effectively communicate the intrinsic value of what you have to offer as a means to motivate others to utilize the products and services that comprise your organization.   The question then becomes what is the best and most productive way to accomplish this given the particular dynamics of your target market. As the means for communicating continues to evolve, there increasingly develops a need to be more precise, relevant and personal in order to be most productive as a marketer. Today’s ever evolving market place presents more and differing types of competition for a prospective marketer with many new types of marketing sources presenting both obstacles and opportunities that a marketer must successfully navigate in order to be effective, productive and competitive going forward. It is the ability to accurately identify these changes both in the present and in a proactive sense that will allow the astute marketers to thrive. Yet many would contend that it is vital to understand this evolution from the onset in order to best chart a course for the future. In this paper I shall attempt to present the historical backdrop of the market place, give an accurate snapshot of the current marketplace and cast a visionary glance as to what the future holds.
II. The Beginning: The Inception of Direct Marketing
It’s a daunting task to try and identify exactly where and when the concept of a market place was born but for the sake of this paper let’s begin with when our collective consciousness begin to be impinged upon with intent. Rather than sauntering in to town, where the true literal market existed subject to the whims of consumers and other constraints, some marketers thought that a little intervention might be just what the doctor ordered just to up...

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