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The Cove Essay

  • Submitted by: nikosap10
  • on December 6, 2011
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Current Event   the cove a documernty

Did you know that dolphin killing takes place in Japan? Japan is a country off the cost of china. In Japan there is a place called the cove. In the cove is where they slaughter dolphins and capture them to study and send out to zoos. Many people who fight for the dolphins rights and tried to stop them from killing dolphins have bin   banned or jailed by the japainese police.
How are these dolphin hunters catching and killing these dolphins you might ask. Well for starters they get in fleets of boats and have these long metal pools on the side of there boats. Once they see a pod of dolphins they bang the long metal pools with hammers causing sound. The sound then makes a sound wave. The sound waves are used to push the doplphins in to main land. The fishermen’s then cast nets out and stab the dolphins. They keep the baby dolphins alive and sell them to zoos to make money. A fishermen can sell a live baby doplphin for $150,000 to a zoo. The haunting seasons are six months long September to march. During that seasons thousands of dolphins are murdered for science or show.
Although, many different species of whales are protected under the IWC, dolphins are not included. Consequently, it is legal to slaughter dolphins in many parts of the world. The director attempts to show these devastating consequences by provide footage of dolphin killings. Personally, I will never forget the clicks and screams these dolphins filled the entire cove with. The ocean became tainted with blood, and the bodies stacked high. The movie claims almost twenty three thousand dolphins are killed yearly. As a result of the footage, audience members are instilled with a strong sense of pity, which the director is hoping will cause a greater sense of urgency and ultimately support his cause. Unfortunately, many Japanese oppose this cause and are willing to use any type of method to continue to hunt down these dolphins.

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