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The Day Between Thursday And Saturday Essay

  • Submitted by: bossmanstatus14
  • on December 5, 2011
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Michael Johnson
ENGL 1010-12N
Mrs. Norwood
20 October 2011
The Day between Thursday and Saturday
When Friday comes around generally people are in a good mood because they know the weekend is coming and it’s time to relax or party.   They also know that it’s time to hit the bank because that check should be arriving any minute.   For Craig (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker), it’s the total opposite in this hilarious comedy.   What should be a typical Friday turns into a day they’ll never forget.   With the sleuth of talent surrounding this movie, Friday is a classic hood story that will have you falling out of your seat every time.
Making a film these days seems to be virtually easy.   Films that are released nowadays don’t’ have any purpose or drive.   Sure you have the beginning, middle, and end, but there isn’t anything that you get out of it after watching it.   Besides great talent, for a film to be considered great it has to have a combination of funniness, violence, and dramatization.   Friday surely meets those standards.
Hardcore political rap is what he’s known for, but Ice Cube’s talent goes beyond that measure.   Craig, his character, portrayed a person who happens to be caught off in the mishap of others.   This is polar opposite of his role Doughboy in the movie Boyz N the Hood.   Doughboy was known for being a character that was street smart and carried out a thug mentality.   Ice Cube’s role for Friday was a surprise for people because they thought they would be seeing the same aggressive style person.   He showed that he can be the character that is laidback and not causing mischief.  
Chris Tucker’s role as Smokey is nothing short of what you expect from him, funny as hell.   The role showed him as a want to be drug dealing pothead who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.   His heavy addiction of smoking marijuana caused a dilemma in the movie for not only himself, but for Craig too.   The Rush Hour trilogy, in which he played Detective Carter, shows...

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