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The Declaration Of Independence Essay

  • Submitted by: lubba
  • on February 23, 2011
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The Birth of a New Nation

“In order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, and insure domestic tranquility,” our founding fathers meticulously drafted a document that demanded the world take notice.   That document, the Declaration of Independence, signified that a new country was born.   In the 1770‘s Great Britain had been imposing transgressions and violating the colonists’ rights in many ways.   For example, not allowing them to represent themselves in parliament, or to pass laws. In addition, Great Britain forbid them from trading with other countries.   All the colonists wanted to do was to live peacefully, prosperously, and to proudly govern themselves. They wanted freedom! Unfortunately, the British would not allow it.   In the 1770s vehement colonists were filled with animosity because King George would not grant them freedom.   Indignantly, the King imposed unfair taxes on the colonists,   provoking them to rebel.   On December 16, 1776 the historical Boston Tea Party incident took place.   The colonists, who petitioned the King, received no mercy.   They soon discovered the King sent a substantial amount of troops to stand warily over them, while the soldiers tried to seize their ammunition they had stored in Concord.   Tension rose influencing the colonist to take immediate action against the tyrant government. They refused to buy taxed goods.   Undoubtably, the unforgiving transgression, between the British and colonists influenced the Americans to fight diligently for their freedom.

Escaping the oppressive, tyrant government, while gaining their freedom, became a goal for all the colonist.   In June of 1776, the audacious Second Continental Congress, contemplated ways to resolve the inequitable government.   They tried to reach a peaceful reconciliation of their differences with Great Britain.   There were many documents composed that expressed the colonists’ desire to be a free nation. Most notably the “Olive Branch Petition.”   Tragically, King...

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