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The Effect Of Gender And Reaction Time Essay

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We compared the reaction times of males versus females.   Literature most commonly proposes that males have a faster reaction time than females.   We tested 10 subjects with a computer program called “X at a Known Location.”   Each subject was required to press the space bar on the keyboard after seeing an X pop up in a certain location.   Our results supported the idea that gender and reaction time go hand in hand, for males reaction time was significantly higher than a females reaction time.  


Dominance of gender is an argument that has been going on for a short amount of time.   Male dominance has always been common in cultures around the world.   At the risk of being politically incorrect, in almost every age group, males have faster reaction times than females (Noble et al., 1964; Welford, 1980; Adam et al., 1999; Dane and Erzurumlugoglu, 2003; Der and Deary, 2006).   Women, in the past 50 years, have just become considered equal to men in our country.   They can work the same jobs, bring home the same pay, and earn the same respect.   Although now treated equally, dominance is still controversial.   It is not common for there to be a “women of the house,” it’s always the male.   Even in different species of animals, the males are the dominant leader of any pack.   Now that times are changing, we want to test and see if males are still more dominant versus females.   There was reported evidence that the male advantage in visual reaction time is getting smaller, possibly because more women are participating in driving and fast-action sports (Silverman, 2006).   Our hypothesis was that the testosterone level a person has would positively affect their reaction time.   Therefore, we predicted that due to a male’s increased level of testosterone; males would have a faster reaction time than women.   Our null hypothesis was that both males and females would have an equal reaction time.  

Materials and Methods

We used “X at a Known Location” to...

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