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The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy Essay

  • Submitted by: olvjess
  • on December 5, 2011
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Below is an essay on "The Effects Of Teen Pregnancy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

More than one million teenage girls become pregnant a year and while it has decreased due to national awareness, it is a reality that teenagers are still becoming parents at a young age. Many give their baby up for adoption, have abortions, or simply do their best to provide for their child. Whichever choice a young mother chooses, they are faced with adversities that change their life forever. I can speak of those adversities first hand since I was a teenage mother as well.
Being seventeen, pregnant, and going to school is not an easy task and despite the fact that I had the support of my baby’s father, I still had a hard life. I dropped out of school at 10th grade and stayed at home to wait for the arrival of my baby. Teenagers do not seem to think of the consequences to their actions. I know I didn’t fully acknowledge what repercussions I might endure. The carefree life ends and one is filled with fear of the unknown. Parties, hanging out with friends, and having fun were no longer an option.
I never went back to school and as a result I had to take a low paying job. Even though my partner and I would work, we could not afford to sustain ourselves for many years. In the beginning, our only choice was to live with my partners’ mother. I would put in overtime but I still lived paycheck to paycheck. Working so much forced me to spend little time with my child but I had no choice because I had to provide for him. While I now have a management position, I had to start from the bottom up. It certainly took longer for me to reach my current position than my colleagues who did finish high school.
A young mother always faces constant stress and struggles. One must worry how the bills will get paid and who will be able to care for the child. In addition, the opportunities a teenage mother has are slim and it becomes much harder to be successful. I was forced to be independent and that made me become a better mother and a better person. Life was no longer about me but...

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