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The English Structure Essay

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What does semiotic mean?
Systems in which Signs have meaning, representational capacity, and external reference  

What is the difference between sign, signified and signifier?
The sign in language used by deaf people in which linguistic units such as morphemes and words as well as grammatical relations are formed by manual and other body movement .
The signifier is the sound produced whereas the signified is the meaning of the word or the sound .
What does arbitrary mean?
In the nature of language there is no necessary connection between the sound and the word .
What does conventional mean?
In the nature of language the rules must apply to all speakers of speech community .
Give examples of arbitrary lexemes.
In my opinion words like “wall”, “floor” is arbitrary lexeme as I can’t see any connection between the sound and the meaning.
Give 5 examples on non-arbitrary lexemes.
Words that indicate the meaning of the sound would be like the onomatopoeia which is sound word. Words like rush, bash, smash, crush, dash those words indicate an action going on so their meaning connected to how they are sound.  
Define lexeme (lexical item)

A unit of lexical meaning (including idiomatic meaning), regardless of inflectional endings or the number of words it may contain. The headwords in a dictionary are all lexemes, lexical item .
What is the longest example of a lexical item that you know of?  
longest way round is the shortest way home
creaking door hangs longest and creaking gate hangs longest

Flour and Flower were originally the same lexeme. Explain

flower   the flower of — the finest individuals out of a number of people or things.
• Middle and Early Modern English did not recognize the modern distinction in spelling and sense between flower and flour, and the earliest instances of this expression relate to the sense that in Modern English...

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