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The Fear Of Death Essay

  • Submitted by: jacobanthony
  • on February 23, 2011
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The Fear of Death

Many people in the world have fears, whether they are small day to day fears, or big controlling, nightmare-like worries. The fear that seems to conquer and confuse the minds of most people is the uncertain, unfriendly, dark fear of the coming of death. Fear. The very word itself feels dark and fraught. Fear can be seen in something as small and simple as the purchase of a new pair of shoes, where you wonder what others will think when they see you wearing them. On the other end of the spectrum, we have a more complex fear: death. Death will touch everyone’s life at some point, whether they choose to accept that or not; there is no escaping its presence. Many people constantly live in fear and are afraid because they do not know when “their time” will come. What some people fail to comprehend is that, since it will in fact come one day, why not enjoy life in the present and stop worrying about the negatives that the future may hold? In the poem, “The Fear of Life and Death” by Sri Aurobindo, there are clear points that show why death should not be feared. Also, the novel, “The Book Thief” by Marcus Zusak, has a theme that portrays people as living in the fear of death.   This ‘fear of death’ truly strands out to be the “ultimate fear” in life, as its very thought tends to alter people’s moods, emotions and actions and can keep them from happily living their lives.

When people are hit with the death of a loved one, it is extremely hard to accept. They are immediately in shock and fall into a state of depression and mourning, and tend to think of how this individual’s death will change they way they live their life. In the heartbreaking, yet realistic novel ‘The Book Thief’, a young girl amidst World War II is the only one safe from the bombs on her street in Germany. When she walks out into the trashed and rubble-filled street, she finds the bodies of her family and best friend. She immediately fears that death has taken them, and that it...

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