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The Fight Essay

  • Submitted by: ismail1
  • on March 2, 2011
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The Fight

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”It all went so quick. I felt guilt and relief at the same time when I heard he was sent to the hospital. After school when I got home I went straight to my room avoiding talking to anyone and, mostly, hoping my parents haven’t found out. After having a shower I was lying on my bed thinking about what I did at school. The doorbell broke the silence and I hurried to the window, shocked to see our guest. “Police, may i come in?”
“What’s going on”, my mum said, opening the door.                                                             “Are you the parent of Ismail Adan?”                                                                                                                 “Yes, why?” my mum asked, curiously. She let the policeman in and had a long talk to him. I was upstairs listening all the way through the conversation, but not for longer. “Come downstairs now!” she ordered.   I wasn’t really scared because I knew it wasn’t my fault so I took a deep breath and slowly walked down the staircase.                                   “Sit down”, the policeman asked. “Do you realise what you have done?” The thoughts went back into my head. It was him who was racist; it was him who punched me, who bullied me and who gave everyone hardships. How could the policeman even think about coming in front of my door, when I only used self-defence?                                                                                                                                   “No, I don’t” There was no way I was going to give in now.                                                                               “Is that all you say? After beating up a student and sending him to hospital?”                                                     My mum looked at me as if she wanted something from me.                                                                         “He hit me first, offended my race and bullied me verbally and physically”, I...

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