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The Goblin Market Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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The Goblin Market

The Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti tells the story of two sisters, Laura and Lizzie, that overcome the “goblins” and their forbidden fruits. Christina Rossetti wrote this poem unnaturally.   The way wrote the poem was odd because she made the rhythm and measure irregular.   Also, unlike other poems, The Goblin Market’s narrator was not in first person. Rossetti also uses religious references, Adam, Eve, and the forbidden fruit, in this poem.   This could have been a very controversial to the literary community. The thing that was the most unusual was that the author used several aspects to create several themes for this literary work.

One of her main themes is women and femininity.   In the poems there are no male characters.   The only indication of men in the poem was when Laura and Lizzie have become “wives” (line 544).   I think Rossetti was showing that women face more temptation and challenges that men are aware of.   With that said, Rossetti is showing that even though women are through with obstacles, they will persevere better than men.   Rossetti was showing the female dominance in the world today with her poem.

Another one her themes was sin.   She displays sin in two ways.   One way is how Laura done anything for the forbidden fruit.   It expressed a sexual escape for Laura.   The other way was the metaphorical use of the fruit being like a drug addiction to Laura but Lizzie defied temptation.   The sin used in this poem is also metaphorical to Adam and Eve from the bible.   The only difference between Eve and Laura is that Laura is redeemed because of Lizzie.

The final theme that Rossetti expressed in this poem was sex and exotica from most and made as a mythical tale for children.   Rossetti used the poem to teach children the power of sister love.   To older audiences, they can see Laura eating the fruit like losing her virginity.   Another way people can think sex is a theme is Laura giving up a piece of her luscious piece of...

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