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The Heart Of Darkness Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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The Heart of Darkness shows the conditions involved in the colonization of Africa and the strenuous life the natives and the invading Europeans had to go through. It represents the near truth seen in the actual colonisation of Africa

Heart of Darkness explores the issues surrounding the colonization of Africa. When Marlow reaches Africa he encounters scenes of torture, cruelty, and slavery. Throughout the book Joseph Conrad uses imagery, which allows for the scenery of the book to offer a harsh picture of colonial enterprise. An example in the book is. "In and out of rivers, streams of death in life, whose banks were rotting into mud, whose waters, thickened with slime, invaded the contorted mangroves, that seemed to writhe at us in the extremity of an impotent despair. Nowhere did we stop long enough to get a particularized impression, but the general sense of vague and oppressive wonder grew upon me. It was like a weary pilgrimage amongst hints for nightmares." As you have just heard the setting is dirty, depressing and fear all around and most men explicitly lie to themselves to move on and continue living. One of the main reasons for going to Africa is the ivory business and men have to kill and commit other horrible crimes to receive a share. The men who work for the Company (an ivory business) describe what they do as “trade,” and their treatment of native Africans is part of a benevolent project of “civilization.” Thinking this way and being emotionally detached from oneself, becomes a problem for the natives because they get blamed for things they have never done and get brutally beaten for literally being the closest savage around. Being detached and desensitized doesn’t allow for the crimes and brutality the Europeans commit to sink in and so they continue to commit these crimes and acts of racism. For Marlow as much as for Kurtz or for the Company, Africans in this book are objects. Marlow refers to his black helmsman as a piece of machinery, and...

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