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The Holocaust Essay

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This essay will endeavour to answer the question of “How was the Holocaust allowed to happen?” It will examine the origins of anti-Semitism (anti-Jew) in Europe and Germany, the ideology of Nazism, the practical steps (i.e. the logistics and practicality of it) the Nazis took towards the mass murder, how the Nazis managed to get away with it for as long as they did, and the legacy of these events.
Anti-Semitism is present in European history long before the Nazi Holocaust. Jewish people were typically mistrusted by Christians for their refusal to stray from their own religious traditions. In some places, Jewish people were so alienated that they had to live in their own separate communities, referred to as ‘ghettos.’ It was in the 1800’s that many people started to discriminate against Jews for racial, rather than religious, arguments. Anti-Semitism was so prominent that it became a powerful force in European politics, and many people thought that Jews could be held to blame for many of the problems in society. For example, Jews were blamed for the assassination of Tzar Alexander II in 1881 and were then killed in massacres called ‘pogroms.’ In 1894, a Jewish French army officer was accused of ‘selling military secrets,’ and was sentenced to life imprisonment (while some believed he should be killed, and so should all Jews,) although he was released and cleared of charges in 1906.
Adolf Hitler was renowned for his anti-Semitist outlook and this was made clear to the entire world once Hitler was in a position of power in the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. The Treaty Of Versailles and the worldwide Great Depression, amongst many other things, had left Germany’s economy a wreck. And who got blamed for this? Of course, it was the Jews. Hitler pointed his finger at the Jewish people, and enforced anti-Semitism as a government policy. In 1933, the new Nazi government supported a state-wide embargo of all Jewish stores and businesses, and in the months...

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