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The Jews Revolt Against The Romans Essay

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  • on February 28, 2011
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The History of the Ancient Judeans Revolt Against the Romans                
The land of Judea obtained its name from an adaptation of Greek and Roman terms that refers to the mountainous region southwest of Jerusalem (the historic land of Israel). According to the Hebrew history, the land of Judea was an independent state that fell under the Roman rule in 63 BC in the Empire’s quest for power over distant lands. By this time, Israel had survived the conquests of the Assyrian Empire, the Egyptian Empire, the Babylonian and Persian Empire’s as well as the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great.   Judea was at that time occupied by the people who were later called Jews after their place of origin and whose traditions and culture were centered on their monotheistic religion.   This religion did not permit the assimilation of other religions, unlike the polytheistic religions of the time, which most often could admit foreign gods into their belief-systems. This conflicted with the Roman tolerance of permitting the observation of local traditions and religion in captured states as long as they was incorporated with the Roman religion. The Judeans, who viewed this as a blasphemous form of Paganism, were therefore particularly prone to rebellion.
The Romans initially practiced a type of religion referred to as pantheism, which involved the worship of spirits and household gods that they believed existed through nature (McGll, pg 1). They believed that the spirits would have favor on them if they offered them sacrifices in form of food.   However, as the Romans interacted with other nations through voluntary immigration and in most cases battles and eventual conquest, they integrated some of the foreign religious pantheon into their beliefs. This practice is what basically shaped the religion in ancient Rome before the spread of Christianity. As the years continued, various cults developed from this tradition of adopting...

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