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The King And His Women Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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Catherine Pittman
Dr. Jennifer K. Wallace
En 201
26 Feb. 2011
Assignment 2 Thousand and One Nights
The vizier was order by the king to bring women to him every night so that he could have sex with them and the vizier had to kill them after he was finished. This came about after he and his brother had sex and talked to the devils’ wife. She told them that women are going to do what they want regardless of how men try to keep them under lock and key. They figured that all women are not to be trusted and are unfaithful.
The vizier’s daughter wanted to save the women from the king’s raft. She asked her father to take her to the king. He refused even after she told him that she had a plan. Her father told a story of the ox and the donkey to show her that any plan she had could backfire on her. He told her that the donkey was tired of working from sun up to sun down, getting beat all the time and was always being feed slop. The donkey on the other hand was getting the best of the best. The donkey gave the ox some advice in which he thought would work. The donkey told the ox to play sick and do not eat his food. The ox did as the donkey said and he had a day of rest but the donkey end up doing the work of the ox and was beaten as well. The ox was glad that the donkey did his work for him but the donkey was very unhappy and had to think of a way to get his life back. Her father was trying to tell her that because you have a plan it may seem to be good but it may not work out the way you want it to.   Because she is his daughter, the king will pass by her therefore she does not need to change things from how they are.

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