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The Labour Government Essay

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  • on December 5, 2011
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11.11.11.                   History essay- The 5 Giants

In his report, Beveridge   had identified 'want' as the main giant social problem to overcome. As a result, the 1946 national insurance act was established which not only improved the old liberals act but allowed for sickness and unemployment benefits, retirement, widows pensions and maternity grants. All people in work were included in this insurance but what about those not in work?. The 1948 national assistance act helped people not in work or the elderly who had not paid substantial enough contributions into the new national insurance scheme. Similarly, the 1945 family allowance act paid a small amount of money to all mothers of two or more children. This allowance was paid to mothers, not fathers, to ensure the money was used to benefit the children. Significantly, the industrial injuries act of 1946 paid compensation for all injuries caused at work. It was paid by the government and covered all workers. By including all workers and families in the benefits scheme, it seemed this attack on poverty caused by shortage of money would be helpful and secured people in the knowledge that they would be looked after 'from the cradle to the grave'.

Ill health was both a cause and result of poverty- but the poor could not afford medical treatment. The most important of labours welfare creations after 1945 was the national health service (NHS). The NHS based it's services on 3 aims; firstly, that there would be universal access, meaning the NHS was for everybody. Secondly, that it would be comprehensive, treating all medical problems and lastly, it was aimed to be free at point of use. In reality the service was, and is, paid for by the national insurance payments made by every worker.The solution was relatively successful but did incur various problems. At first there was opposition to the scheme from doctors and 90% of the British medical associations members threatened a boycott. The government inherited out...

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