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The Media Essay

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  • on February 28, 2011
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Andy Lee
Period 7

Golden Rice Essay

Producing and growing golden rice have many benefits but also have many problems. Worldwide, 230 million children are affected by vitamin A deficiency, and at least one million of them are dying per year. Fortunately, Ingo Potrykus and his collaborator Peter Beyer found a way to create a certain kind of rice that can resolve this problem: golden rice. The rice possesses beta-carotene; the plant pigment that is the precursor of Vitamin A. Significantly, rice is common in many developing regions. So many countries will easily be able to eat golden rice regularly. And for poorer countries, the IRRI is supported by more than 20 nations’ governments and will not charge poor farmers. In India, the most recent calculations show that the result of golden rice is reducing half of the children who are affected by Vitamin A deficiency (Mayer, 2007, see also Al-Babili & Beyer, 2005). However, there are some downsides to this. According to dietary reference guides, our intestines do not absorb carotene efficiently. In order for a woman to get the right amount of vitamin A, she would have to eat 5.25 kg of uncooked golden rice every day. Also, the vitamin A gene in golden rice comes from daffodil (Ye et al., 2000). However, rice already makes vitamin A in its husk which is not digestible and is removed before consumption.

(April 19, 2008) In the Philippines, the variety of grain known as “Golden Rice” has been subject to field trials since the beginning of April. Genetically modified to contain higher quantities of pro-vitamin A, this rice may be available to farmers as early as 2011 (Gerard B., 2008). However, golden rice was not grown in 2008, nor is it being grown today, specifically because it is not yet grown commercially. Golden rice is unjustified and costly.

I believe that the growing of golden rice is an efficient lifesaver for those who are dying from Vitamin A deficiency. Sure, there are some cons and...

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