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The Midnighters: The Secret Hour Essay

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  • on March 2, 2011
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The Midnighters: The Secret Hour
By: Scott Westerfeld


Carenda Ottley
November 4, 2010
Period : 4
Why I Chose The Book…

I   decided to   read The   Midnighter:   The Secret   Hour   by   Scott   Westerfeld   because I read the summary and it sounded interesting so I just started reading and liked it.

The setting   takes   place   in   Bixby ,Oklahoma   at   the   start   of   the   school   year.


Jessica Day – A   Midnighter
Dess – A   Midnighter
Rex – A   Midnighter
Melissa – A   Midnighter
Jonathon –A   Midnighter
Beth – Jessica’s   younger   sister

Brief Summary….

In Midnighters: The Secret Hour  there’s an extra hour with darklings, and only five people live there while everyone in Bixby is frozen, but the thing is the secret hour only happens in Bixby. You are a midnighter only if you are born a minute before midnight or after and you have to move to Bixby. Jessica Day has just moved to Bixby and weird things are starting to arise in her life, like in high school she meets this boy named Rex and everything is blurry to him without his glasses except a fellow midnighter, so he finds out that she’s a midnighter just like him and the others. Then it’s a rainy day and Jessica thinks she’s sleeping and having this dream about floating crystals, which are a actually raindrops that have come to a halt because of the secret hour and she starts to just play with the crystals. Jessica Day has just
woken up and she has a pile of soaked clothes, But it was just a dream right!

Jessica Day meets Dess in her advanced math class that her mom signed her up for and Dess comes out of nowhere saying “Have you had any weird dreams?”. Then the next night comes and Jessica finds out everything she’s experienced the other night wasn’t really even a dream it was real.   The second night everything changes the darkling’s turn evil and try to attack Jessica, but thankfully Rex, Dess, and Melissa save her. Rex finds out that the darklings...

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