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The Moon Essay

  • Submitted by: PennyMasters
  • on February 24, 2011
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Masters/ENH 291.13062/RetoldFairyTales

The Moon
by Penny Masters

Hi, my name is Moon and this is my story.  

When God created the world the light at night produced by the stars was enough.   Somehow there was a piece of land totally forgotten that was always dark.   Four young lads, Bob, George, Sam and Steve decided to leave the dark lands on a traveling expedition to Moonshine.   When they arrived in Moonshine they discovered that every evening as the sun began to disappear and the stars came out, I was placed upon an oak tree to spread light far and wide.   My soft light, unlike Sun’s bright light, made it easy for things to be seen far and wide.   Bob, George and Steve were amazed by my soft light and how easy everything could be seen and distinguished.   The lads stopped a man driving past in his cart and asked him what I was.   The man told them that I was named Moon.   The mayor had bought me for three talers and hung me in the oak tree.   Each day, in order to keep me clean and burning clearly, they have to pour oil into me.   The mayor pays a man one taler per week to take care of me.

Once the man drove away, Sam had the bright idea to steal me and hang me in an oak tree they had in their town.   Bob, George and Steve went along with the idea thinking how nice it would be to be able to see better in the darkness of night.   Bob went and stole a horse and cart, George climbed the tree to bring me down after he cut a hole in me, which hurt, but not too badly. They inserted a rope through the hole and slid me down the rope to the cart.   They were really careful with me, but I was both sad and excited about what was happening.   They made sure to cover me with a blanket to make sure no one saw me.   So off we went, a day or so later we arrived at their country where they hung me on a high oak tree....

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