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The Motivation Essay

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There are different reasons for people to change. One Motive behind this is the well being of our love ones and what we feel is right. As children our parents try to guide us in certain directions and sometimes they succeed and other times they fail. Their intentions are to motivate and prepare their children for a life of learning experiences. One could look at what parents might use to motivate their children in doing better in school. Parents want the best for their children and they intend to motivate them anyway they can. Parents may use different things to motivate children such as candy, money, and other privileges. As the children get older the ways to motivate them will change. For instance parents may exchange time for studying for a night at the movies. This type of motivation can be viewed as an incentive for a child to make good grades and pass.
As young teenager’s we start to notice the opposite sex.   This often motivates us to change our opinion. Discovering one another and change is bound to follow. One may want the other to look and act a certain way. This type of motivation may be geared toward changing the appearance of someone that you like as a person but not favoring their looks. This relationship may involve changing that person’s overall appearance from head to toe making that person more presentable and appealing to their parents and friends. This motivation to change for the other person can bring about a sense of self-esteem which is a good thing for teenagers. Self-esteem can be a tool for success academically and socially. One may want to change their appearance or their educational level in order to succeed. When someone has a high self-esteem they are more open-minded and acceptable to change.
Moving onward to adults, individuals have to look at transitioning to the real world of work or continuing their education by attending college. This transition brings about what actually motivates a person to succeed in life. Some...

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