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The Problem Of Induction Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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The Problem of Induction
The problem of induction deals whether you gain knowledge based around generalizations that we may have. Inductive reasoning itself uses a series of observations in order to infer a new claim based on them. This can pose as a problem because as time goes on, we discover new things. Using inductive reasoning, we want to gather our observations, and the only real thing we have is our past. Finding that true matter of fact is what the goal may be for some is but can find we find just that? Since the sun fell at night and rose back up in the morning, it’s sure to happen again, right? Hume’s argued that we cannot use inductive reasoning to come to these unforeseeable events and argued the real knowledge of nature.
Hume’s suggests two possible justifications regarding the problem of induction regarding the way that knowledge works. The first was that the future will resemble what has happened in the past. Hume refers to looking at the future world as a chaotic and erratic world in which nothing is that same as it is today. If this were to happen, anything that may have been proven right time after time again could change. This kind of world may seem highly unlikely, but there is no true way to prove it couldn’t happen. Just the slightest possibility could change every law of science wrong in a heartbeat. Therefore he really had no choice but to shoot this down.
The second justification was that we can assume something will happen because it had happened before. Here we run into another problem which Hume’s realizes. This will only be a circular argument and just bring us back to where we started. Just because your parents may buy pizza for the family every Friday doesn’t mean it will happen next Friday. Although it is entirely true this may happen, there is still that small chance it may not. That one possible chance alone is enough to prove wrong the given statement.
Hume’s also had three questions on his approach to figure this problem...

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