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The Problem Of Poverty Essay

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The Problem of Poverty
Jededia Higgins
SOC 402
Professor Wilson
June 10, 2008

The Problem of Poverty

In modern America, it is not uncommon to observe poverty in everyday life.   You may see a man asking for money outside a store, or another person holding a sign on the highway typically asking for money, work, food, or a ride.   Most go on with their lives either thinking these people are lazy, or simply pity them and never give it a second thought.   What most fail to realize is that poverty is a serious social problem that is both domestic and foreign.   There are circumstances which perpetuate poverty and trump the basic rights of the individuals who endure it.   In a country so powerful and wealthy how is it that such extremely unacceptable conditions can exist?   They can exist because there is an inherent contradiction within the systems we create to attempt to resolve this issue.
Poverty is defined as “A state in which income is insufficient to provide basic necessities such as food, shelter, medical care, and clothing. (Lauer and Lauer, pp159)”   Many government programs have been put in place to try and assist those who fall under these requirements, however, we find that in order to qualify for aid for many or most of the programs, you must also meet a very specific list of other requirements that often work against those most in need.   Many of these excess requirements were put in place to prevent people from abusing the system but in effect result in the program itself being useless to those whose needs it aimed to fill.   For example, I was in an accident last year where I lost the ability to use my foot.   I can still walk on it but can no longer work in the occupational field in which I was formerly employed.   I first applied for unemployment benefits when I was released from the hospital and had to sit in bed or in a chair for about six months.   After applying for benefits I was turned down on six separate occasions and only notified by mail.   I...

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