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The Psychology Of Sports Injuries Essay

  • Submitted by: jsong21
  • on May 4, 2012
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Everyday all across the world at different times in the day athletes are doing what they do best: practice, train and compete. Whether a professional athlete, college, high school or even a beginning athlete they are continually active and are doing what they enjoy. But what happens when that athlete gets hurt? Authors, Martin Eubank and Laura Nichols of Plantation Eagles stated that “seventy-five percent of all professional players will sustain at least one injury during a two-year period, with an average of 24 days spent on the treatment table.” My long term goal in life is to be an athletic trainer and physical therapist. However, it is not enough just to know how the body heals and what the athlete must do for it to heal. I must know how the athlete feels, thinks and the way that the athlete may react that could positively or negatively impact the healing process.. This is where learning about and researching the psychology of the injured athlete can be a big help. I along with many other athletes have had the unfortunate experience of being injured, so I know firsthand what it is like to deal with the injury, and rehabilitation. Psychology is an important aspect of sports training prior to and after an injury however, for the purpose of research review the focus in on the psychological aspects of injured athletes. Learning to assist the athlete both mentally and physically will help the athlete to not only heal faster but stronger as well.
The first thing that is likely to happen right after an injury is for the athlete to experience diminished self-value.   Dr. John Heil, psychologist specializing in Behavioral Medicine and Sports Psychology describes this initial reaction as a “loss of the opportunity to participate in a high valued activity and is a threat to continued success at sports.” Let’s say for instance that the star quarterback for the number one team in the state gets injured. He gets hurt in the second game and there are twelve more games left....

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