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The Renaissance Essay

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  • on February 27, 2011
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The Renaissance                  

1. The Renaissance was a time period that occurred roughly between the fourteenth through the sixteenth century. It was recognized as a historical age in Europe, after the middle ages. The Italian Renaissance began a great period of cultural change and achievement.

2. The word Renaissance means rebirth or revival and the Renaissance brought the rebirth of classical art, architecture, literature and learning that spread through Europe. The word Renaissance is accurate because people started to actually learn and have individual thoughts. Classical art, literature and architecture were considered hobbies or popular activities to be involved in.

3. The Renaissance began in Italy because Italy was a large region with few populated urban centers. Italy’s geographic location is situated on the Mediterranean Sea, closer to the Middle East and South West of Asia then any other European country.

4. The people of the Florence Renaissance were divided into four social classes. The Nobles, who owned much of the land, lived in large estates outside of the city. They behaved according to the rules of honor and dignity.

          The Merchants, who were newly rich, had high paying jobs like wool processing or boat making. The Merchants would keep their wealth in the family by marrying into Noble families. Merchants would also gain public favor by becoming great artists.

The middle class was composed of shop keepers. The shops would bring in a little bit more then minimum wage.

            Minimum wage was for the workers. They did not even have their jobs protected. If a worker were to break a rule, they could have their wages withheld or lose their jobs.

6. Leonardo De Vinci was called a Renaissance man because he had an extensive knowledge and understanding far beyond his times.   He knew much about sciences such as biology, physiology, hydrodynamics, mechanics and aeronautics. Leonardo could not accept the...

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