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The Revelation Risk Model  Essay

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  • on February 25, 2011
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Communiction 102
Response to Article
The Revelation Risk Model 

1 – Identify the theory that is being used (2 points).
2 – In one paragraph describe three key components of the theory (3 points).
3 – Identify the first two hypotheses or research questions (2 points).
4 – Identify the key variables they are testing in the hypotheses or research questions (2 points).
5 – Briefly summarize how each variable was operationalized (4 points).
6 – Determine whether or not the hypotheses and/or research questions were supported, and at
what level of significance (2 points).
7 – In no more than one or two short paragraphs, explain the implications of the findings (5 points)

This article by Dr. Tamara Afifi an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara is an explanation of The Revelation Risk Model or otherwise known as the RPM.   The RPM focuses on the factors that predict the revelation of secrets and strategies used to reveal or continue to conceal secrets.   This article suggests that people evaluate their risk factors when deciding to reveal or conceal a secret.   She goes on to state that there are certain conditions that permit a person to reveal a secret such as, catharsis the need to relieve emotional tensions, whether or not the person they decide to reveal the secret to has the right to know the information, in the event that other people are influencing the person to reveal the secret, and finally if the person feels comfortable enough with the person to actually reveal the secret which would depend on the type of relationship they have.   Another factor this article focuses on is the use of the RPM to predict the different types of strategies people use to reveal their secrets, and finally the strategies involved when revealing their secret to their family members.  
Firstly one theory that was used to explain the decision processes that underline the revelation of secret...

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