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The Revenge Essay

  • Submitted by: brittneyfremeth
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: English
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Abandonment, physical imperfections and a mind capacity to heavy to handle, had left Peter Young a very misunderstood boy. After his parents recklessly left him under the care of his terminally ill grandfather, Peter was inadvertently forced to raise himself. At school, things were not any better for the little boy. Notwithstanding, his academic abilities, all the children teased Peter, ignoring his longing to simply fit in. Sadly he never found his place, he was an outsider, a reject. As he grew older, the inhibitions remained. However, he worked hard on his appearance and by the time he graduated university, he lost a considerable amount of weight, and his his skin cleared up, nevertheless, there was no solution to his crooked nose and prominent chin. Despite his cleaned up appearance, his high school memories haunted him at night. His mind raced at 100mph, continuously thinking of ways to seek vengeance on the four girls who had hurt him the most. His greatly misused his intelligence had led him to the conclusion that he was going to torture them, like they once so callously did to him. He began watching them, and stalking their routines to find the best time to attack, he had tricked himself into believing he would get away with this crime. Thus, on a dark gloomy night he was ready to take action. One by one, he entered their homes, he tied them up and took a knife to their faces. He butchered them. He wanted to cause them the same pain he went through every day growing up. He wanted to make sure that when he was done carving their faces, they too would be glanced and pointed at. Peter used his first three victims as practice, in order to make sure his technique would be flawless for the girl who had hurt him the most. As he entered her room to tie her up, she attacked him back with heavy force. She swung at his face, lifting up a part of his black mask revealing his big long chin. She saw his distinctive chin and knew right then who the attacker was. She...

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