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The Road Essay

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  • on March 2, 2011
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In the novel, The Road by Cormac McCarthy there are many different aspects of good and evil, some of   which could be   misunderstood due to one’s interpretation between the two because of the pressures of society.   Specifically asking the questions what distinguishes the two and if human nature plays a role in determining what is the   most basic factor “good” or “evil”. The novel suggests there is not really any good and evil however the manner in which the character adapts to the new world can be viewed in either   a positive or negative manner. The true distinction between good and evil behavior is how people survived   in abandoned civilization   and   how one encountered its hardships.
      This is evident in the journey of a father and son, struggling for food, warmth and basic necessities that one needs to live. This situation puts them in a difficult decision making process forcing them to question to what extreme will they go to survive. It is evident that   many other characters in the novel   other than the father and son have had an extremely difficulty staying surviving in a civilized way. Some characters in the novel have   gone to extreme measures to survive, some of which include eating their own prey. The father does not know exactly how to   handle these types of problems, due to the face his main goal is to keep both of them alive.   This lack of a civilized group is quite evident as the story progresses. There are many examples of this in the text that display the man’s lack of   regard for another humans life. the novel.   “ I’m afraid for that little boy. I know. But he’ll be all right. We should go get him, papa. We could get him and take him with us. We could take him and we could take the dog. The dog could catch something to eat. We cant. And I’d give that little boy half of my food. Stop it we cant.” (90).   This   idea that the father   would not help a poor little boy similar to his son is one example of   an extreme that one would   go to for...

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