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The Same Title Yet So Different Essay

  • Submitted by: joanna143
  • on December 6, 2011
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The Same Title Yet So different
A king can be either feared and respected, or hated and feared.   Priam, and Creon were men, kings, and fathers who were of equal titles, but not equal in character.   King Priam from the epic poem “The Iliad of Homer” is feared, loved, and respected.   He goes above and beyond for his family, and country.   This is evident throughout the entire poem when he does nothing but stand by his son.   Then on the other hand, there are kings like King Creon from the play “Antigone” written by Sophocles.   Creon is such a cruel king that his followers, and his family resent him.   These two men are both of equal character, but their followers view them in completely different ways.   Priam is a believer of his gods, and his faith; while Creon tries to make decisions as if he is a god.   King Priam is truly the more worthy king, father, and man.    
King Priam was loyal to his family, followers, and gods.   While the Trojan War was occurring Priam stood by his beliefs even though all he knew was depleting.   With all the suffering he was enduring Priam never turned away from his fate.   He even tells Helen after calling her “dear child” (Homer 104) “I am not blaming you: to me the gods are blameworthy / who drove upon me this sorrowful war against the Achaians” (Homer 104).   In spite of, Priam’s sons dying, and his entire country being destroyed because of this woman he does not blame her for it.   Ultimatley Helen was the cause of the entire war.   The Greeks and Trojans were fighting because of her.   He believes that the gods have fated this to him and he is going to except his fate with honor.   Furthermore, the inevitable takes place and his son Hektor is slain.   Priam still has faith in his gods even when they tell him to get his son’s body back.   Priam knows that the gods protected because “Tall Priam / came in unseen by the other men and stood close beside him / and caught the knees of Achilleus in his arms, and kissed the hands / that were...

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