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The Secret River Essay

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The Secret River – English Essay

Kate Grenville’s novel “The Secret River” explores the concepts of racism and prejudice. It demonstrates these concepts, motivates and encourages fundamentally decent men to commit deeds that are evil and morally wrong. In the book she shows basic racism with the English settlers being hostile towards the Aboriginal people. Prejudice is shown by William and Sal’s attitude towards the gentry and their own behavior towards their own convict servants later on in the book.
Kate Grenville’s main character William Thornhill goes through times were things he does seems right at the time of commitment, but they are all selfish acts. Like the stealing in New South Wales, which wasn’t a necessity as it was in London. He also steals land from the aboriginals even though he knows they’re there. The prejudice which she explores in her book, comes in the beginning when his still in London. Were the gap between the social statuses are so big that it’s almost impossible to being born in poverty and manage to be something better. Even when his judged the gentry, judges and lawyers doesn’t really care, and had already decided the faith of William before he even got to speak. The racism starts when he gets to New South Wales and sees the Aboriginals who are humans and like them just with a different culture, and because of that they are called savages.
Williams impression of New South Wales are bad, he looks on it as a godforsaken place. “This place was like nothing he had ever seen”.   As a convict he is passed to a master who will make sure he won’t do any miss deeds. William was so lucky that he got Sal as his master. Here in Sydney is the first encounter with the racist attitude of the book and how Grenville are starting to show and explore it, and William first meets the natives here and the other settlers attitude towards them, how they see them as savages.   After some years working and stealing in Sydney, he takes a loan and buys a boat of...

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