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The Seduction Essay

  • Submitted by: ryancostello
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Seduction essay
“Teenage pregnancy is a big problem nowadays, but in the 80’s the issue wasn’t as common. “

The seduction from Eileen Mcaully is about a case of teenage pregnancy when it wasn’t as common in the 80’s and it was more frowned upon. My essay will talk about what serious point the poet makes and throughout the essay how she conveys this point.

The poem is a social commentary set in 1980’s Liverpool. It starts at a party where a girl meets a boy and he takes her to Birkenhead docks, where they get drunk and take part in under-age sex, causing the girl to get pregnant. The poems main subject is teenage pregnancy and how much of a problem this is. The poem is split into 2 halfs, one half dealing with the seduction itself, telling the reader how they meet and the conversation when they get to the docks. The other half of the poem deals with the aftermath of the meeting, the girl falling pregnant and how others react to the situation. Because teenage pregnancy wasn’t as common in the 80’s, people that fell pregnant as teenagers then were looked at differently than other teenagers, people thought these teen were stupid, and irresponsible. The girls life was heavily influenced from magazines that she had read. They told her if she took a chance she could find her ideal romance, this was far from the truth, because the magazines didn’t warm her about the potential risks involved in taking the chance. The magazines showed her the ideal situation, not the most likely outcome.

In the first half of the poem, the girl is naïve and dreams of the perfect romance. She meets a boy, who at first, seems nice. She decides that it is time to `take the chance`. The girl wants a stable relationship, but this is not what she gets. The magazines show an idealistic view on romance, causing the girl to believe the things that the magazines say, which, in reality, are completely unrealistic.

The poem isn’t a typical boy meets girl story, the situation isn’t...

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