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The Sentence paper

  • Submitted by: eweezdegq
  • on November 17, 2009
  • Category: Social Issues
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The responsibility of being a judge and determining the outcome of an individual’s life is crucial.   Knowing the facts of the case of the individual who is coming before the judge and asking the appropriate questions to determine the proper sentencing is without a doubt, a must. In order to obtain all the information needed to properly sentence an individual, a series of questions would need to be answered by the accused individual. The particular case I have before me is one of identity theft for monetary gain.
The series of questions in which I would need answered before proceeding in the sentencing, would be; what prior record does the individual have, how many victims are involved, how much money and or assets were stolen from the victim or victims, and definitely, the way in which the accused acquired the victims or victim’s information.   Obtaining this information is important. Understanding the individuals’ habits or problems and knowing the extent of the crime of which was committed.   Asking questions only makes the final decision that more clear; therefore giving the appropriate sentence for the crime or crime that have been committed.
After obtaining the appropriate information, I can now begin to figure out the appropriate sentencing for the individual. My ultimate goal is to make the accused individual not only be incarcerated for some time, but to also pay the victim or victims back eventually, along with after initial sentencing having the accused enter into a program to understand the seriousness of the crime and violation of the victim’s privacy. The individual being accused of this crime should be made aware of the severity of the crime and be deterred from future crimes in which could be committed.
Identity theft is a serious crime. The individual stealing another person’s identity may have or has already started to destroy the victim’s credit in which he or she has worked hard to obtain, and also making the victim feel personally violated....

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