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The Sufferings Of Young Werther Journals Essay

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  • on March 1, 2011
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Steven L’Esperance
P. 1 Senior English
Essay Goethe

December 24, 1774
      I am sorry for having to write you this letter but Werther has talked about you many times and I am well aware of the fact that he wrote you many letters during the time he spent in Wahlheim.   I am sure that the news of Werthers death must have had the same horrible affect on you that it has on many of the people in this village, especially the children, but I must talk to someone who could’ve know what Werther was thinking in his last days.   I was very intimate with Werther as I am sure he told you.   We understood each other in ways that no one else has understood each other and it was because of this that I couldn’t do the morally correct thing that I knew I should do.   I love Albert, but he is always gone because of work and his company in comparison to Werthers has become duller than any other time in our relationship.   I knew I was pushing Werthers mental and physical capacity but I enjoyed being with him and selfishly didn’t consider what was happening to him even though I knew I was the cause of his suffering.   The superficial joy he would find when he was with me, made it simple for me to deny that I was doing it.   I did so many other things to him that I knew would make his blood boil and his mind whirl with possibilities.   I slapped him harder than the players of counting after the ball.   I would touch his hand when talking to him or intentionally use even a bird to make him become frazzled over me.   Since the very beginning at the Ball that we attended I knew we would both end up suffering from this relationship, but the happiness that we brought each other is almost unattainable.   This pain I now feel is so many times worse than I thought I could ever feel about someone since my mother’s death.   I loved Werther.   I couldn’t accept it until it was days too late to tell him and weeks too late for me to make any kind of decision that would change the situation at that time....

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