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The Underlying Truth Essay

  • Submitted by: ogswtytw213
  • on October 20, 2009
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The Underlying Truth

Have you ever heard of a fisherman’s tale?   It’s when a person goes out fishing and catches a five-foot long fish. Later that week that same person is out to eat with a few different friends and he is telling the story about catching his now ten foot fish! A few days later one of the men that was at the dinner decides to fill in his friend about the fishing trip and before you know it the fish is now twenty feet long and was caught after a five minuet wrestling match! The point to be made here is that even though the story has changed almost entirely, the fact that the original person caught a fish on his fishing trip remains the same. This same idea can be carried over to comparing similar stories between the Koran and the Hebrew Bible.   The differences between the two versions of this story are not enough to change the meaning or tradition of the story itself in either religion.
In both the Koran and the Hebrew Bible there is a man named Noah. In both versions of the story of Noah and the Ark the divine told Noah that he was unpleased with the people on earth and that he would be sending a great flood to wipe them out. The divine also told Noah to build an Ark to escape the flood. A flood did in fact come and the Ark made it through and landed atop a mountain. These facts are found in both the Qur’an and the Hebrew Bible.
This story seems to be pretty much the same within the two different books until you begin to look at the details of both.   In the Koran the divine in whom it is talking about is Allah. “The Koran often refers to God by naming one of His attributes, such as Knowledge, Power, or Mercy. Allah unites all the attributes of divinity used for God in the Koran.” (Sultan 110) In the Hebrew Bible the divine in this story is known as the LORD.   It is safely said that whether it be the LORD or Allah, this person is a divine being that is powerful and is to be worshiped. Another difference is that in the Koran Noah approaches the...

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