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The Weather In The Streets Essay

  • Submitted by: ViviLiz92
  • on February 28, 2011
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The Weather in the Streets – Rosamond Lehmann

My Creative Writing on ‘The Weather in the Streets’ is based on love and about my thought about forbidden love. I chose to do it like a kind of monologue where I write down my thoughts on forbidden love.

I asked myself in this monologue a lot of questions just as they are in my head. You do not think in normal sentences and in a special order. And because you question yourself all the time in many different ways I chose to put questions in my monologue. Also to make the reader think more about my text and question themselves when it comes to a sensitive topic like love.

I got inspired to write a piece as a monologue because throughout the whole novel ‘The Weather in the Streets’, Rosamond Lehmann lets Olivia think about love and Rollo in different ways.
When Olivia talks about Rollo at the beginning it is always positive that is why I chose to say that love is something wonderful and that you cannot really describe it.

But when Olivia is pregnant she thinks about everything again and then it seems as if she questions everything more and more and that is what I did. I asked myself if love can be forbidden. If anyone can be allowed to say that love is forbidden and who is allowed to say so. And when Olivia thought about everything over again it make me also think and I could feel what she was trying to express and I think that with my piece of writing people might also think about love and different ways of love and who is in charge of love.

I also tried to write things that you normally would not say out loud that you normally would keep for yourself because it could hurt other people or other people just do not want to hear it because of different reasons.
Olivia does this when she talks to Lady Spencer that is where I got the idea from.

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