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The Wolves Essay

  • Submitted by: susanavillasana
  • on December 6, 2011
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Susana Villasana

English 1301.41

March 31, 2011

The Wolves Who Acknowledge Humanity

            On the essay “Observing Wolves,” Farley Mowat describes his observation of what wolves eat, and discovers how seriously wolves take the possession of their territory. In section 1 the author begins by setting up his tent, so he would not be noticeable to the wolves. “I did not feel I should go too far too fast.” (p. 66) . Mowat was irritated of how wolves totally ignored him so he wanted to become noticeable to the wolves. “It was true that I wanted to be inconspicuous, but I felt uncomfortable at being so totally ignored.” (p. 67) . Including a hundred-yard long section of the wolves’ path, Mowat decided to mark his territory. The wolf had to establish his territory again outside Mowat’s territory. In section 2, Mowat was still uncertain what wolves ate and “this was a vital problem since solving it in a way satisfactory to my employers was the reason for my expedition. (p. 69) . Mowat named the wolves he was observing Angeline, George, and Uncle Albert. One afternoon, Angeline saw a group of ducks going straight to the shore where she was. “Yipping like a puppy, she began to chase her tail; to roll over and over among the rocks; to wave all her four feet furiously in the air.” (p. 71) . Angeline gave one gigantic leap, but missed the ducks by a few inches. Angeline had missed her dinner, but after a while she was chewing something. Unable to see Mowat, he tried to look what she was eating. Angeline swallows six times, and then missed the seventh. Turning around Mowat was able to see the tail and hind quarters of a mouse in her mouth. Mowat was able to see what wolves ate, and how they were not guilty for the decimation of the caribou herds.

Mowat’s purpose for this...

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