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The Yellow Wall paper

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The yellow wall paper
Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall Paper” is based on her melodramatic personal experiences. Gilman was facing a serious depression and was referred to Silas Weir Mitchell, a leading specialist of the 19th century, who diagnosed her with neurasthenia and prescribed the rest cure. The rest cure called for forced inactivity of all stimulating activities, which included writing. This slowly led to her eventual madness (she never did become as mad as the narrator); the very cure to her depression caused her insanity. She rejected Mitchell’s advice and decided to overcome her depression on her own. She later wrote “The Yellow Wall Paper” to prevent other women from suffering from the oppressive treatment. In the story Gilman uses much symbolism such as the creeping women in the yellow wall paper to represent the oppression faced by women. Social norms create a gap between men and women in which we are exacted into an assimilated role. The issue of hierarchy of power status proves most detrimental when it comes to communication. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall Paper” shows the problems men and women have understanding each other.
The yellow wall paper is rather ambiguous, the narrator views it as “a smouldering [sic] unclean yellow (Gilman 309)” and develop an obsession for it, while John cares not for the wall paper; he is more focused on the well being of his wife. John doesn’t grasp how serious his wife feels on the matter and that having switched rooms might have prevented her break down. Furthermore, the rest cure proved more damaging than helpful; unable to express herself, the forbidding of writing diminished what little bit of normalness she had left. She insists that working would speed up her recovery, but John being the Physician over rules her judgment; oppressing her very thoughts forces her to seek out an understanding of the yellow wall...

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