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Theater: Shakespearean vs. Today Essay

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  • on December 14, 2009
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Theater: Shakespearean vs. Today

In the theater of Shakespeare’s era, you wouldn’t have as many opportunities to perform as you would in today’s theater. You can perform whenever you want, and have both male and female actors in a play.   There are also different schools and workshops specifically designed for the theater arts.   In Shakespeare’s time only men could act, and they couldn’t perform in bad weather or at night, due to the lack of a roof and electricity.   There were not as many opportunities for an actor then there are today.   Today’s theater and the theater of Shakespeare’s time have several similarities such as seating, payment, and play styles; however,   there are also differences such as show times, the types of actors, and the structure of the building.  
One of the many differences in today’s theater and the theater of Shakespeare’s time is seating.   Seating is very important for an audience; without it, you wouldn’t focus on the play, you would be focusing on the discomfort of your feet and when the play is going to be over.   In Shakespeare’s time, the plays took place in the Globe Theater.   That enabled people to circle the stage 360 degrees.   This allowed a successive type of seating.   There was usually three stories of seating; that way you could see the play without any problems (Fido 25).   Although there was plenty of seating, up to 2000 people, the cheaper tickets required you to stand (Black 218).   In today’s theater the seating is parallel to the stage, enabling the actors to only have to look in one direction a clear view for the audience.   Today, there are balconies, allowing more seating and ensure that the play will have more audience members.   In theater today, there is no standing.   There are only as many tickets as there are seats.   Unlike the Shakespearean theater, the seats are on a small incline so the audiences could see even if the theater was filled to its maximum capacity.   Seating is very important to both eras because...

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